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17 Years+ strong

Let's put that into perspective; When we started printing Nelson Mandela was still president. When we started printing, petrol was R2.20 per litre and Tony Blair became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


What does that mean for you?


It means you are dealing with a company that has kept the ball rolling and produced excellence throughout the years. We have been giving our heart out in every printing job and our work has been read, seen, signed and celebrated by hundreds of thousands over the years. You'd be surprised to find out how often a Shongololo Printers product has been in your hands.

Printing has been used to drive sales for hundreds of year. We have been helping brands tell their stories to the world through posters, flyers, brochures, business cards and other printed marketing tools.

Give a customer value and they will return. That's not our motto but a phenomenon we see daily. We have a high return rate and our clients tend to refer us to their friends, family and business partners.

Litho printing is a pretty complex process but based on one incredibly simple principle - oil and water don’t mix.


It is the most versatile and efficient way to reproduce text and images in the world today, and was first discovered in the late 19th century.


The process involves the infamous ‘printing plate’ which is made from aluminium and has the image which is to be reproduced, etched in a special coating on its surface.


This plate is then fitted around a plate cylinder which has ink rollers in contact with it (ink is the oil) and also has rollers which sit in fount solution (Water) in contact with it. The water sticks on the un-etched coating and the ink is then picked up by the etched surface.


As oil and water don’t mix, it means only the image picks up ink from the rollers and applies it to the next cylinder. This in turn then applies the ink to the paper by way of compressing it between an impression cylinder and a blanket cylinder, which has a rubber surface to apply the ink to the paper.


Litho printing is the preferred printing method for large quantities as it is cheaper than digital printing in that regard.

You have enough to worry about, a deadline should not be one of them. We take the stress off your print job and help you drive your brand.

Litho printing is favoured when it comes to large volumes as it drives down costs tremendously. We have been litho printing for over 10 years and can handle your printing job from initial design to delivery to your door.

Behind every printing job is a team working from dusk till dawn to ensure that your ideas are brought to life. Our team works like a realy team with each step relying on the diligence of the previous so that when the final baton-holder, our delivery man, hands you your package you are satisfied

Values are what guide you on your quest to what you want to become. When we said we wanted to become South Africa's largest black-owned litho printing company we had to set out values that matched that.. Consistency and  Professionalism are the tools guiding us on our quest for greatness.

Our backbone can be attributed to our processes, our staff and values

What is Litho Printing?

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